WI HA JUN's Official Fanclub Rules and Regulations (220411 ver.)

관리자 / 2022-04-11


Hello. This is APPLEWOOD.


Welcome to WI HA JUN’s Official Fanclub.

This is the notice regarding rules and regulations for official fan club.

The regulations apply to all sections in this official fan club website,

and if any detailed rules are required, it will be announced separately.

For smooth operation of the fan club, please kindly read and check the rules and regulations.


[ WI HA JUN’s Official FanClub Rules and Regulations ]


1. Basic Regulations

     Use formal language (No any informal, slang, abusive language)

     No impersonation of the actor, family, officials, and acquaintances

     Not allowed to spread any false information, private life or create any rumors regarding WI HA JUN.

     This is the area everyone stay together, please keep the basic manners.

2. Use of Name

     - Please call the name of the actor WI HA JUN, appropriate for your age with common courtesy.

(ex. Actor WI HA JUN, Actor HA JUN, Actor, HA JUN oppa, HA JUN bro, Mr. HA JUN, etc.)
     - Among members, please call the other members such as Mr./Ms.OOO

       (Please mention/call the full name or in formal.)


3. Membership System and Membership Level

     - WI HA JUN’s official fan club is operated by membership system.

     - Please join the official fanclub membership to have smooth activities.

     ★ Membership level & Regulations will be announced afterwards.


  4. Post Regulations (Basic)

     - Required to check the detailed regulations of each board

     - Not allowed to share the posts and materials outside (including texts and screenshots) official fanclub

     - Not allowed to financial dealings and commercial promotions

     - Not allowed to mention, promote, invite other fan clubs & websites & social gathering

     - Not allowed to mention, slander, promote other artists & fandoms

     - Not allowed to fuel of controversy & conflict (such as instigation, creating rumors, blame between the members)

     - Not allowed to mention regarding the contents of politics or religion

     - Not allowed to leave adult and spam posts

     - Not allowed to leave secret posts and secret comments


  5. Precautions of Copyright

     - Any posts may infringe on other people's copyright is prohibited.

     - If any secondary edit or release is permitted, please be sure to indicate the source.

     - Please note infringement(breach) of copyright may result in civil and criminal liability.


  6. Treatment of Violation of the Regulations

     - Posts & Comments that violate the regulations will be deleted.

       (In case of violation of simple regulations such as the number of title letters, will be asked for revisions after a warning.)

     - Depending on the level of violation, membership will be downgraded / suspended / secession at executive team's discretion.



Please make sure to check the rules and regulations notice details for each bulletin board.



This rules and regulations can be modified/changed.